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Jörg Martin on GREENER Project & Quantum Dot Advancements - Greener Project
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Jörg Martin on GREENER Project & Quantum Dot Advancements

Jorg Martin presents GREENER Project

Jörg Martin on GREENER Project & Quantum Dot Advancements

On January 18, Jörg Martin, a distinguished speaker and expert in quantum dots, delivered a captivating presentation titled “From Nano to Quantum: Colloidal Quantum Dots as Key Elements of Modern Sensing Technology” during the Quantum Dots Focus Day at the MAIN Research Center, University of Technology Chemnitz. This event, held in a hybrid format, gathered a diverse audience both in-person and remotely.

Martin’s presentation provided a comprehensive overview of the developments in colloidal quantum dot (QD) sensors, a collaborative effort between Fraunhofer ENAS and local and international partners. Examples showcased the integration of QDs in LEDs, their role as key elements in load detection on lightweight materials, and their application as sensors for detecting heavy metals in water. The presentation concluded with a futuristic perspective on the use of colloidal QDs as single-photon emitters for highly-sensitive absorption spectroscopy.

Notably, Martin also shed light on the groundbreaking project, GREENER. The project aims to develop a revolutionary mobile spectrometer designed for detecting extremely low concentrations of hormones and hormone-like substances in water. This connection between Martin’s presentation and the GREENER project underscores the innovative applications of quantum dots in environmental sensing technology.

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