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GREENER Project | MAIN Annual Meeting - Greener Project
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GREENER Project | MAIN Annual Meeting

GREENER Project | MAIN Annual Meeting

29 September 2023

On Tuesday, September 26, 2023 GREENER project presented at the MAIN-Annual Meeting 2023, the event on Research Center for Materials, Architectures and Integration of Nanomembranes. It is a Central Scientific Institution of Chemnitz University of Technology. Its activities are focused on exploring the fundamental physical and chemical properties of flexible, nanostructured membranes (“nanomembranes”) as a novel material class, one of the most advanced fields in materials science, and opening up their potential for use in engineering. They form part of the core competency “Materials and Smart Systems” at Chemnitz University of Technology, build a bridge between fundamental and applied research, and help to make Chemnitz University of Technology even more visible in this field, both nationally and internationally. On the basis of the researched sensor and actuator applications, fruitful impulses for and high synergies with the core competencies “Humans and Technology” and “Resource-efficient Production and Lightweight Construction” at Chemnitz University of Technology are expected.

Below some pictures of the event!