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GREENER at the the DNA Nanotechnology Mitteldeutschland Workshop - Greener Project
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GREENER at the the DNA Nanotechnology Mitteldeutschland Workshop

GREENER at the the DNA Nanotechnology Mitteldeutschland Workshop

On December 1st, 2023, Julia Hann from University of Chemnitz was invited to the DNA Nanotechnology Mitteldeutschland Workshop that was held at Fraunhofer IZI in Leipzig.

Julia presented the GREENER approach in a talk entitled “DNA Origami as a platform for heterogeneous nanosystems”. About 40 scientists were present at the event.


Friday, Dec. 1, 2023, 11:30-18:00

Fraunhofer IZI, Raum Sachsen/Deutschland


 12:00 – 13:00   SESSION 1

Rayehe Mamaghaniyeh (BBZ Leipzig)

Targeting Phase Separation on Membranes Using Fatty Acid-Functionalized DNA Origami


Patrick Irmisch (University of Leipzig)

Dissipative Control over the Strand Displacement Reaction


Julia Hann (TU Chemnitz)

DNA origami as platform for heterogeneous nanosystems


Christina Beresowski (University of Potsdam)

Probing single-molecule chemical reactions using DNA-origami-assembled nanoparticle dimers



14:00 – 15:00   SESSION 2

Michael Thompson (DyNAbind GmbH)

Drugging the ‘Undruggable’ with Fragment-Based DNA-Encoded Libraries


Leila Issmail (Fraunhofer IZI)

Antibody-derived peptides trivalently presented on DNA-nanoscaffolds as an innovative strategy against RSV entry


Bhanu Kiran (University of Paderborn)

Monitoring Bacteriophage T7 infection in Realtime using QCM-D



15:45 – 16:45    SESSION 3

Ozge Coskuner (University of Paderborn)

The investigation on Effect of Vancomycin-conjugated DNA origami Nanostructures against Bacillus subtilis


Emilia Tomm (University of Paderborn)

Effect of enzyme interactions on the stability of DNA origami nanostructures


Jaime Andre Garcia (University of Paderborn)

Effect of DNA Origami Nanostructures on Bacterial Growth


Saloni Agarwal (University of Potsdam)

Versatile DNA: Various structures as biorecognition elements



17:15 – 17:45   SESSION 4

Basma Altattan (University of Potsdam)

Supramolecular assemblies for biomedical applications


Florian Seier (Leibniz IPHT)

High-Speed Atomic Force Microscopy imaging of self-assembling DNA-origami lattices


Emily Lin (Leibniz IPHT)

Surface Plasmon Resonance Biosensing of Bladder Cancer-associated microRNAs using pH-induced Triplex DNA Nanoswitches


Tomas Lednicky (Leibniz IPHT)

Large Scale Fabrication of Ordered Gold Nanoparticle Arrays as Label-Free Plasmonic DNA Biosensors


Below are some pictures of the event