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Dr. Martin Möbius Interviewed by Horizon Magazine - Greener Project
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Dr. Martin Möbius Interviewed by Horizon Magazine

Dr. Martin Möbius Interviewed by Horizon Magazine

GREENER-Poject-Coordinator interview for Horizon Europe

27 February 2024

Dr. Martin Möbius, Coordinator of the GREENER project, recently shared groundbreaking insights in an interview with Horizon Magazine.

The GREENER project, funded by the EU, is pioneering environmentally friendly sensors to accurately measure EDC (endocrine-disrupting chemicals) concentrations in water. In the interview, Dr. Möbius highlighted the urgent need for efficient detection methods due to the harmful effects EDCs can have on both aquatic life and human health.

Traditional methods of EDC detection are often time-consuming and costly, requiring samples to be sent to laboratories for analysis. However, GREENER’s innovative approach aims to streamline this process by developing portable spectrometers that can directly measure EDC concentrations on-site. These compact devices, about the size of a bread tin, promise to provide quick and accurate results, empowering industries and environmental agencies to monitor and mitigate EDC contamination effectively.

Moreover, Dr. Möbius emphasized the versatility of GREENER’s technology, which can be deployed in various settings, from fisheries to wastewater treatment plants. By enabling real-time monitoring, the GREENER project aims to enhance our understanding of EDC distribution in water bodies and facilitate targeted interventions to safeguard ecosystems and public health.

GREENER’s commitment to advancing sustainable solutions for EDC detection underscores the project’s pivotal role in protecting the environment and ensuring a safer future for generations to come. Stay tuned for further updates on GREENER’s progress as it continues to revolutionize the fight against endocrine-disrupting chemicals.

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